Psychology homework help

Attachment includes case study and additional resources
Case Study Discussion Questions
Using the attachments and in a minimum of 4 pgs, you are to answer the following questions.  
Identify 1 appropriate diagnosis and form of treatment per case study.
 Due 12/6/2020
1. What are the prominent clinical issues?
2. What provisional diagnoses/issues would be important to consider? Why address these issues/diagnoses first?
3. What diagnostic instruments discussed in the text/class would be most appropriate?
4. What other professional, medical, and/or social services may be important in this case?
5. Draft a preliminary treatment plan for your client(s). Be sure to include presenting problem, mental health history, physical health history (if available), family dynamic, diagnosis, and goals complete with interventions. Be sure to mention if additional referrals will be needed (i.e.- teacher/educator, medical doctor, psychiatrist, etc.)
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