Psychology homework help

NOTE:  These three sources are NOT in correct APA format—some are lacking important info that you will need to fix on your References page:
Haischer et al. (2020). “Who is wearing a mask? Gender-, age-, and location-related differences during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Plos one15(10), e0240785.
palmer, c. l., & peterson, r. d. (2020). toxic mask-ulinity: the link between masculine toughness and affective reactions to mask wearing in the COVID-19 era. politics & gender.
Howard, M. C. (2020). Gender, face mask perceptions, and face mask wearing: Are men being dangerous during the COVID-19 pandemic?. Personality and individual differences170, 110417.

  1. Locate and read these three articles. All of these articles should be easily accessible through Google Scholar.
  2. Identify what these three articles have in common, in terms of the relationship between mask wearing and gender.
  3. Write a one paragraph summary of these three articles. Your paragraph should begin with a one sentence summary of what the three articles have in common in terms of their findings IN YOUR OWN WORDS, followed by cited research from each of the three articles that support your opening summary sentence.
  4. DO NOT START YOUR PARAGRAPH WITH “The three articles that…. assigned were…” or “The three articles I read all had this in common…”.
  5. Proper APA citation is required (authors’ last names’ and year of publication).
  6. Quotes require page numbers!
  7. On a separatepage, list your references. Your references should be in alphabetical order by first author’s last name, with a hanging indent, and APA formatted.   Put the word References at the top of the page, centered, as per APA formatting.  Do not skip lines between references
  8. Your paragraph and your references should be 12 points Times New Roman font and double spaced.



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