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The goal of this paper is to gain experience using concepts from the course to analyze the
behavior of some formal group of which you have been a member (e.g., a church group, sports team, college Society).
In your paper, first identify the group and describe the history of your involvement in the group. Then analyze the group in terms of Kanter’s six commitment mechanisms. For each commitment mechanism, describe the mechanism and give examples of behaviors that would fit that mechanism. Then indicate which of those behaviors are and which behaviors are not used by the group that you are analyzing. Those in the pair will also describe how the group relates to concepts from the BSAD 330 class.
Your analysis should be typed double-spaced.
Criteria for grading include the adequacy of (1) the history of your involvement in the group or your methods of researching the group, (2) the description of Kanter’s commitment mechanisms, (3) the discussion how the group fits each mechanism, (4) the relevance of concepts from BSAD 330 for those in the pair, and (5) writing technique.
course description:
Psychology tends to focus on individuals, while sociology focuses on groups. Social Psychology represents the overlap between psychology and sociology, focusing on individuals in groups. Since we often interact with other people, this course is relevant to our interactions and relationships with others in all aspects of our lives. A mindset of purpose is important for staying motivated.
In this course you will gain conceptual tools for analyzing your interactions and relationships, which will increase your understanding of yourself and others. My hope is that this understanding will make your interactions and relationships more meaningful in your life. A mindset of growth is important for staying motivated and engaged in the class.
1. Knowledge Base of Psychology: Familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, interdisciplinary connections, and historical roots of psychology.
2. Research Methods and Resources of Psychology: Understand and apply basic research methods in psychology, including research design, handling subjects, data analysis and interpretation, as well as use the library, computers, and online resources.
3. Critical Thinking and Communication Skills: Develop and use critical and creative thinking skills, including skeptical inquiry, critical reading skills, analysis, synthesis, problem solving, professional writing, oral communication, listening, and collaboration skills.
4. Application of Psychology: Understand and apply psychology to diverse individuals and groups, and social, cultural, and organizational issues.
5. Clarification of Values, Personal Development, and Career Planning: Clarification of values, including tolerating ambiguity and acting ethically, showing insight into one’s own behavior and mental processes and applying effective strategies for self management and self improvement, and to develop realistic ideas about how to use psychological knowledge, skills, and values in various occupations, and in graduate and professional school.


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