Psychology homework help

1. The Common Assignment is a final paper that is described below:
The common assignment is a 10-page paper on an area  Alcoholism.
In this paper, please address the following
1. The type of intervention: Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy.
2. If relevant, discuss the population you will be focusing this paper on
older adults.
3. Discuss ethical issues and culturally responsive practice skills that apply.
4. Provide research that addresses this intervention. Please make sure you use at least 7
peer-reviewed journals and books. This research should address the knowledge of the
intervention and prevention models, as well as the evidence-based approach used for
the population you are focusing on.
5. Discuss the issue of resistance as an opportunity in working with addicted individuals.
6. Provide a conclusion that discusses the implications for practice, policy and future
The paper must be done in APA style, and be double-spaced.


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