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Write a 5-page paper using the APA format (title and reference pages are not included in the page requirement).  In this paper, you will identify a theory that most resonates with you.  Identifying your theoretical orientation will provide a framework/roadmap on how you provide services to your future clients, how you view people, how you view therapy, how you view the client/therapist relationship and the therapeutic process.  Even though several theories may be appealing to you, please select the one you feel you are more aligned with for this assignment.  Consider your own values, worldviews, and life philosophy when selecting your theory. The theoretical orientation paper will be graded on clarity of expression, consistency, organization, sentence structure, and grammar (see Appendix B).
(1) Identify which theoretical model/theory you chose and explain your rationale for your choice.
(2) Describe how your theoretical orientation fits with you, your values, and your worldviews.
(3) Describe how your theoretical orientation fits in with the philosophy of your specific area of counseling: clinical mental health counseling, rehabilitation counseling, or school counseling.
(4) What contributes to personality development based upon your theoretical orientation?
(5) Describe the counselor’s role and how the counseling process facilitates the desired change in a
(6) Explain the strengths and limitations of the model/theory you selected.
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