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Before you begin, read the article, “Death: The End We All Have to Face(book)”, which can be found in Week 9 Readings. This article, written by a rhet/comp professor at FIU, brings up some interesting ideas about how we use social media to mourn and how social media is changing our ideas about the permanence of death.
Part 1: Question:
Pose one or more questions prompted by the reading–something the text cannot or does not answer.
These should be questions you would like to discuss more together online and in class, including questions about how we might interpret/analyze particular ideas in the reading, how we might apply the readings to particular academic/non-academic contexts, how we might situate or contextualize the readings, or how others might personally respond to/understand the ideas in the readings.
Part 2: Comment:
Pick any 3 ideas from the article that stuck out to you as interesting in some way. For each one:
– quote a 1-2 sentence section from the article that refers to or explains that idea.
– below that quote, write a paragraph explaining this idea in your own words and explaining why it was interesting to you. Try to make connections (between the text and other texts; between the text and conversations we had in class). For example, how does this text build on ideas from Friday’sreadings? How does it build on ideas from Danah Boyd’s article or our class meeting last week?  You might also explain an idea from this article that completely changes the way you look at something. You can even explain how Martorana later builds on this idea in her own text. Your answer should indicate that you are a) carefully engaging with this text and b) thinking about what this text adds to the conversation. These should be at least 100 words each.
Note: I want each idea to come from a different subsection in the text. In other words, you shouldn’t pick 3 ideas from the first subsection.
Part 3: Connect:
What personal connections can you make to the text? You may connect to your personal life in and around Miami/South Florida or on social media, another class, something you’ve seen in the media, something your family has experienced, etc. What does this text have you thinking about?
Please comment at least 50 words.
LINK TO READINGS: http://harlotofthearts.org/index.php/harlot/article/view/215/164


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