Reading homework help

Before you begin, read the sources listed for Monday in Week 13 Readings. These readings are meant to give us an introduction to some of the common arguments around maps and mapping today.
Part 1: Understanding 
Answer the following questions, citing both Nedra Reynolds and one other source in each of your answers.  Note that all of these concepts are repeated multiple times in the readings, so you can synthesize from different areas of the reading. I’m leaving the questions broad to facilitate connections. Your answers to 1-3 should total 300 words. Use specific examples to indicate you read.
1. In what ways are maps rhetorical?
2. What can maps not capture?
3. In what ways are maps (and mental maps) “socially constructed”?
Part 2: Making connections 
4. What’s one of the most interesting things about the reading for you, in terms of thinking through place/space? Or, what’s a connection you can draw between the reading and something else we’ve discussed this semester?
5. What’s a question or idea you hope we discuss in class tomorrow?


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