Required 1. What are the input

1. What are the inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback/control for a grocery store such as Sobeys or IGA?

2. What are the operations decisions for running a grocery’ store such as Sobeys or IGA?

Until 1998, S obeys was a privately owned chain of grocery stores in the Atlantic provinces. Sobeys grew out of a meat-delivery business in the small coal-mining town of Stellarton, Nova Scotia, in 1907. When Loblaw, Canada’s largest national grocery chain, expanded into Sobeys’ territories, competition heated up. Sobeys’ directors decided on a boid move in order to gain sufficient economies of scale to be able to compete with Loblaw. Sobeys took over the twice-as-large Ontario-based Oshawa Group (at a purchase price of $ 1.5 billion), then Canada’s second-largest national grocery’ chain, which included (mostly franchised) IGA and Price Chopper stores and the wholesale food company SERCA.


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