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Assignment:  This assignment is based on the information you gathered from your Cultural Interview assignment or from another culture of your choice. It includes both a book on acculturation you will create for children and Acculturation Summary paper with an introduction, table, and reflection/conclusion. Instructions for each are detailed below.
Components of Acculturation Summary paper:

  1. Write an introduction paragraph identifying the culture of your interviewee from the Cultural Interview assignment and briefly describe immigration patterns, current demographics, and socioeconomic status of this culture in the United States. (~1 paragraph, or ½ page double-spaced)
  2. Compare and contrast this culture as viewed in the native homeland and how the people in this culture typically change after migrating to the United States by completing the table below. You MUST the table provided in these instructions to receive full credit. Use the textbook to address the culture in their native homeland versus their culture after US migration.
    1. For example, if you wish to examine the Japanese culture, for the first point in the table (Religion), you will write about religious beliefs of Japanese people living in Japan then identify how those religious beliefs change after migrating to the United States.
    2. Cite the sources of your information within the table using the APA format. Include the full reference in the “Reference” section of your paper.
  3. Write a Reflection section (~1-paragraph, or ½ to 1 page double spaced) based on what you have learned about the acculturation of your chosen culture to the US. Include answers to the following questions:
    1. What “Key Points” from the table seem to change the most and the least?
    2. Do they tend to mostly adopt the US lifestyle or keep more of their own cultural practices?

Additional Details:

  • This paper should be 1 to 2 pages (not including the table) and formatted as outlined in the syllabus.
  • DO NOT double space the information in the table, but the introduction and conclusion paragraphs should be double spaced.
  • NOTE: Reference Pages is not counted towards the minimum requirement for page length.
  • Spelling and grammar should be correct.   Note:  Do not use your subject’s actual name in the paper. Instead use initials.
  • You MUST submit your assignment using the Assignment Tool (TurnItIn). Do NOT e-mail your assignment as it will not be accepted.

The grading rubric has been provided so you know exactly what is expected of you. Please make sure you cover ALL the components that have been requested of you. Points will be deducted if you omit any areas, even if the paper is beautifully written.

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