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Extra Credit Project
Listed below are some of the innovators within the fitness industry. Select 5 from the list and do the following:
• Write a minimum of 1 pages per professional
• In detail, research who they are, what their education and experiences are, what their specialties are within
the field, what their training philosophy, and where they currently work (which setting and how they are involved).
• DO NOT COPY & PASTE FROM THEIR WEBSITES; cite all sources. You all forms of media for info.
• Additionally, find out how you could potentially work for them and ways you could get in contact or visit
their places of work.
• If you contact them, the worst thing you could possibly do is say, “Hi, I am so&so, and I am a student at
Montclair State University. I am reaching out to you because it is for a project. Do you have time for a phone call?”
• Instead say, “Hi NAME, My name is _____, and I am big fan of your work. Specifically (insert content)
about (information) that helped me. I know you’re busy, but I’m hoping you have a minute to answer a very short
and specific question. *INSERT QUESTION*. If you don’t have time, I understand! Thank you again for your
Miguel Aragoncillo*/S Mark Fisher – B Nancy Newell – F/S/π
Rachel Balkovec – F/P Tony Gentilcore – G/S Rob Rabena – S
Brett Bartholomew – S Bill Hartman* Mike Reinold *
Mike Boyle – S Luka Hocevar – G/S Joe Riggio – B/G
Ben Bruno – G Dr. Ben House – N Pat Rigsby – B
Josh Bryant – π Ryan Horn – C Greg Robins – π
Hunter Charneski – S Ron Hruska* Mattie Rogers – F/O
Bret Contreras – G Joel Jameson – S Bonnie Schroeder – F/π
Eric Cressey – S Dan John – S Louie Simmons – π
Pat Davidson* Joe Kenn – S Bobby Smith – S
Joe DeFranco – S/G Dr. Stuart McGill* Lee Taft – S
Pete Dupuis – B Ryan Metzger – F/C Dean Somerset – G
Adam Feit – N Adam Menner – S/B Marisa Viola – F/C
• * = Specialty in rehab: PT or
manual therapy
• π = Powerlifting
• F = Female
• P = Professional sports
• C = College sports
• N = Specialty in nutrition
• S = Private Sports
• G = General Pop Dominant
• B = Business
• O = Olympic Weightlifting


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