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Just do the essay, not the presentation. Make up your own religion. Plagiarism report needed.
Final Project: Make Your Own Religion (15%). As a part of a small group, you will create a presentation of a new religion of your own imagining with your own individual essay (3-4 pages). Overall, you need to explain what your religion is all about.
Here are some things you might want to consider in constructing your own religion:
• What ritual does it incorporate?• What is its main narrative or myth?• What type of emotional or affective experiences occur on a regular basis?• What type of ethic does it uphold? (e.g., sexual ethic)• What doctrines, beliefs or philosophies dominate its teachings?• How is it performed materially or artistically? What are its main practices?• What holidays does your religion celebrate? • How does it deal with birth? Death? • What are its key symbols? Beliefs? • How if at all does it deal with the problem of evil? • What is its view of the afterlife?• Does it have any interesting moral teachings? • What is its cosmogony?• What kinds of institutions does it support?
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