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The COVID-19 pandemic has left no part of the United States untouched. Yet, as with past pandemics and natural disasters, the health outcomes and effects of COVID-19 are experienced disproportionately by certain populations. While disparities in access to care and health outcomes have long-characterized the United States health care system, the COVID-19 pandemic has served to both highlight and exacerbate health disparities. The health disparities associated with COVID-19 are deeply troubling and must be addressed through the implementation of new policies or the reform of existing ones.
Using the articles identified below as a starting point, please (1) clearly identify relevant COVID-19-related health disparities in California; (2) provide an understanding of the factor or factors that may cause or contribute to such disparities; (3) and propose a series of policy recommendations that will reduce COVID-19 health disparities. The policy recommendations your team puts forward *must* include policy recommendations that will have a near-term impact on reducing COVID-19 health disparities. In addition, your team may also include policy recommendations aimed at reducing the underlying disparities associated with COVID-19 health disparities.
(we focus on homeless population) 
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