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Directions proposal will focus on the research design – that is, how you would plan to conduct your proposed research. Do not actually conduct this study. It is just an exercise to create a novel and well-constructed experimental design study proposal. The paper should include the organization and all the sections described below. It should be written in APA format using paragraphs and citations
Population should be related to jail environment, mental health  and/or substance abuse. Any ages preferably adult.
Step 1:
Study Introduction ● What do you want to study? ● What population would you use for your study? ● How will the information from this study improve social work practice? This section is very important to explain the rationale for the rest of your proposal.
Step 2: Literature Review (brief) ● Why is this topic worth studying? Use figures, statistics and facts about your population and area of interest. Be specific and cite research to support your claims of why the area of interest is worth studying. ● What have others (previous research) said on this topic? Is there a consensus on this topic or conflicting reports or an absence of information? Are their major methodological flaws in previous research? ● What information is missing from current research and practice experience that your study will fill in? (Use the information you gathered in the literature review here. Summarize it briefly.)
Step 3: Conceptual Framework ● State the main research questions (no more than two questions). Write at least three hypotheses related to the research question or questions. ● Using what you learned from your literature review, why do you think these hypotheses are appropriate? Why did you make the predictions that you did in your hypotheses?
Step 4: Methodology
● What kind of study will you conduct; primarily a qualitative study, a quantitative study, or a mixed- methods study? Why is this design appropriate for your research question? ● Describe how you will carry out your methodology? How will you conduct the study?
Step 5: Sampling ● Indicate the type of sampling plan (participant selection) you will use to execute the research design you chose o Clearly state the population you will study and how it relates to your hypothesis and design o How will you recruit participants? o Indicate how you will select your participants and whether this is a probability or non-probability sample o Discuss sample size, sampling frame, etc.
Step 6: Measurement ● Identify your variables, and indicate how you will measure the variables you have identified o What are the main variables in the study? Explain which variable or variables is/are the independent and which variable or variables is/are the dependent. o How will you operationalize the variables you have chosen to study? Be very detailed in how you respond to this. (i.e., counting certain behaviors, using a scale to assess opinions) ● How do you plan to assess your variables? If you plan to do qualitative research, what questions do you plan on asking your participants so you can find out whether your hypotheses are correct or not? Or how will you observe them? What format (written, over the internet, in-person, focus groups) do you plan on using to collect this information? If you plan to do quantitative research, what variables will you study/manipulate to see if your hypotheses are correct? ● Create a sample survey/interview guide/focus group guide, or a description of independent variables you will study/manipulate (if you use quantitative research) and include it in your paper as “Appendix A.” ● If you take questions from a standardized measure, you will need to include citations here. Also discuss the reliability and validity of the measures you have chosen.
Step 7: Implications and Limitations: ● How will the findings from your proposed study improve practice, policy or service delivery with your chosen population? Be specific. ● What are the limitations of your study? Include at least three and explain why they are limitations. ● How could future studies address your study’s shortcomings?
Step 8: Ethical considerations ● What are the plans to ensure that the study will comply with NIH (National institute of health) and NASW National Association Social Workers standards? ● How will you address informed consent? ● What measures will you take to protect subjects? ● What measures will you take to make sure you are a culturally competent researcher?
Format proposal should mimic the research articles you have been reading. Length should be between 7-8 pages (paragraph notes in outline are suggestions), not including your title and reference pages. However, the paper should NOT exceed 8 pages of content
at least 5 ACADEMIC SUPPORTING ARTICLES on topic in your references as well as any other sources used


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