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Discussion: Challenges of Co-Occurring Disorders
Addiction is often combined with other co-occurring disorders that impact one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. For example, many individuals suffering from addiction also exhibit signs of depression. Clients and professionals may not differentiate the symptoms of depression and addiction. Often, a treatment plan for only one disorder is implemented, which may result in incomplete treatment and subsequent relapse. Co-occurring disorders have a wide range of prevalence and severity. Any mental disorder and addictive behavior has its own course of action that will require an effective treatment plan.
Clients struggling with co-occurring disorders may also use substances to “self medicate” in the face of symptoms of a mental disorder to blunt the emotional pain that they experience.
For this Discussion, review the week’s resources and consider possible co-occurring disorders. How might co-occurring disorders present challenges for individuals seeking treatment for addiction? Finally, consider possible strategies to help individuals overcome these challenges.
Provide a Discussion Post that addresses the following Topics, Content, and Headings:
–  An example of two possible co-occurring disorders PTSD and Opiate addiction.
– Explain how those co-occurring disorders may present challenges to treatment for people with problems with addiction.
– Finally, explain two strategies that an addiction professional may utilize to address those challenges. Support your response using the resources and the current literature.
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