Sociology homework help

For this extra credit opportunity, you will pick one area (concept, vocab word, theory, theorist, etc.) you struggled with in this course and explore it further. Find resources outside of the class that would help you understand the concept better. This can be youtube videos, Lumen Learning or Kahn Learning resources, academic sources, the American Sociological Association website, etc. Please avoid Wikipedia, as I’ve had issues with students getting incorrect information there. Also, you must be clear to find SOCIOLOGICAL explanations of these concepts, because Psychologists also study similar concepts, yet their explanations are different. Be sure that your resource refers to sociology as some point. You are welcome to have fun with this; if you find an example on a TV show, include a link to the clip (and tell me when to find it so I don’t have to guess which segment fits), a meme, cartoon, or even song would work too. Or, if you prefer to stay strictly academic, I’m fine with that too.
The goal of this extra credit is that I would see where students struggle, and have these updated materials to use in future classes for students who may also benefit from the new way of explaining the materials. This is a community of learners, and I want to see what would be helpful to you and other students.
What to submit:
Use at least three sources, read through them entirely, and then write a 1/2 page – 1 page (single spaced) explanation of the concept along with at least two examples of what this means. An alternative would be to create PowerPoint slides that could be incorporated into that chapter’s presentation. You would still need to include 3 sources, a clear explanation of the concept, and then two examples. A reference list is required for all materials, and your explanations MUST be in your own words. I do NOT want to see things copied and pasted because that does not fit the purpose of improving comprehension


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