Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. Math 2000: Exam 3 Part II
Directions: This exam is due Tuesday, May 5 at 12:00 PM Noon. You will submit your answers for this
section through the ASSIGNMENT Section on MyCourses. You may either print these pages and write
your responses here, or you may write your solutions on your own paper. If you choose to write on your
own paper, please clearly label each part of the question including labelling any blanks that you are
filling in.
Please do not forget that Part I is also due Tuesday at noon on MyMathLab.
(1) The sample you were given in class comes from Data Set 14 “Oscar Winner Age” in your
textbook. They are the ages of winners of the Best Actress and Best Actor for the Oscars. Below,
please record the sample statistics below and then use them to answer the questions that
follow. If you did not receive a sample, please email your instructor for a data set.
Sample number
Best Actress Best Actor
Sample mean
Sample Standard Deviation
Sample size
First Quartile
Second Quartile
(2) Using the data above based on your samples of Best Actress and Best Actor winners, compute a
95% confidence interval for mean age μ of the Best Actress winners and determine the margin
of error.
(3) Using the data calculated on page 1 based on your sample of Best Actor winners, test the claim
at α = 0.05 significance level that the mean age of Best Actor winners is greater than 40.
a. State the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis.
b. Determine the test statistic and the P‐Value
Test Statistic:
c. Make a decision about the null hypothesis. Briefly justify your answer.
d. Write a conclusion that incorporates the original claim directly

Statistics homework help


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