>Statistics homework help

1. What is statistics? Explain and give an example  (5 pts)
2. Explain the two main types of statistics. Give an example of each.  (6 pts)
3. Distinguish between population and sample. (4 pts)
4. Why is sampling an important part of statistics? Why is it necessary? (4 pts)
5. A CBS reporter is conducting a survey at the Gardens Mall to determine how much the average shopper there plans on spending for the upcoming holidays. She approaches busy, responsible looking adults and asks them how much they plan on spending for the holidays. Explain the type of sampling technique(s) used here.  (6 pts)
5b. What are some potential problems or biases with the techniques used by the reporter.  (5 pts)
6. Read an article on “How political polling works in the US.”
6b. Write a half-page summary of the article (cite the article). (7 pts)
6c. Analyze the article by explaining the following:

  • Population and Sample  (3 pts)
  • Sampling techniques (at least two)  (6 pts)
  • Reliability and bias of sampling techniques  (6 pts)


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