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Week Four Assignment – Independent Project

DUE DATE: End of Course
20 points

Using the “Independent Project Data” set file supplied above, perform an analysis in StatCrunch for the following using the variable(s) of your choice:
1.      Frequency distribution of a variable and bar graph of the same variable
2.      Descriptives of a continuous variable: mean, median, mode, skewness, kurtosis, standard deviation and graph of that variable
3.      Cross tabulation of two variables with the appropriate statistical test
4.      Comparison of two groups (single variable) on a single continuous variable with the appropriate statistical test
5.      Comparison of the effect of three or more groups (single variable) on a single continuous variable with the appropriate statistical test
6.      Scatterplot and correlation between the two continuous variables with the appropriate statistical test
Think carefully about what kind of variables to choose for the given tasks. A short descriptive statement should accompany each of the above including a description of the variables used and any meaning that may be attached to the results. Write up the project in a WORD document for submission.
Grading on this project is as follows:
3 points for each task 1-6: 1 point each for variable choice, appropriate display/test, description of result.
2 points for overall format/readability/construct (the writing and graphs should be formal and of publishable quality as you would see in a journal article).

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