Statistics homework help

1. Please describe your project in writing using the APA format.
2. Develop your hypothesis. What do you want to know? What are you trying to
accomplish? ( i.e. I want to know are we experiencing more severe storms in the
2000 ‘s era than we experienced in the 1900’s)
3. Each project, should calculate the following:
3.1.1. Mean (Population or Sample) 3.1.2. The Standard Deviation 3.1.3. The Median
3.1.4. The Mode
4. Please discuss the details of your project (i.e. Who, What, When, How).
5. Present the appropriate graphofy our project (i.e.PieChart,Histogram,Frequency
Table, Scatter Plot).
6. Interpret your work. Analyze your calculations. What does it mean to your
hypothesis? (i.e. The range of numbers represents the smallest and largest amounts and all the amounts in between.
This is a list of who uses Statistics
“What is statistical analysis? It’s the science of collecting, exploring and presenting large amounts of data to discover underlying patterns and trends. Statistics are applied every day – in research, industry and government – to become more scientific about decisions that need to be made. For example:
Manufacturers use statistics to weave quality into beautiful fabrics, to bring lift to the airline industry and to help guitarists make beautiful music.
Researchers keep children healthy by using statistics to analyze data from the production of viral vaccines, which ensures consistency and safety.
Communication companies use statistics to optimize network resources, improve service and reduce customer churn by gaining greater insight into subscriber requirements.
Government agencies around the world rely on statistics for a clear understanding of their countries, their businesses and their people” (SAS, 2019).
Take a look at this Website: analysis.html
SAS. (2019). Statistical Analysis Defined. Retrieved from SAS:


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