what does the root ratio mean in the word rationalize

What is ratio in rationalize? – Rationalization is a process of converting an irrational number into a rational number, which is one which can be expressed as the ratio of two integers. The numbers 1.003, -11⁄3, and 22/7 are all rational numbers. Irrational numbers are those that cannot be so expressed.

What does the root word in rationalize mean? – rationalize (v.) 1767, “explain in a rational way, make conformable to reason,” from rational + -ize.

How do you rationalize roots?

What does it mean to rationalize in math? – In elementary algebra, root rationalisation is a process by which radicals in the denominator of an algebraic fraction are eliminated.

What is rationalize and example? – Rationalize is to attempt to justify something or to make excuses for bad behavior or an unpleasant outcome. When you steal from your friends but justify it based on the theory that they are spoiled and won’t notice the money is gone, this is an example of a situation where you rationalize your behavior.

How do you rationalize in math? – › math › int_alg_tut41_rationalize

What is rationalized form? – Rationalization is the process of removing the imaginary numbers from the denominator of an algebraic expression. It is the method of moving the radical (i.e., square root or cube root) from the bottom (denominator) of the fraction to the top (numerator).


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