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Directions: Answer all parts. Be sure to write complete sentences, double space, set one-inch margins, and use Times Roman 12-point font.  For the questions on Part 2, aim for one-and-a half pages for each
Very important: Be sure to submit your own work.  In particular, do not plagiarize, which is ridiculously easy for an experienced grader to spot. If you wish to use the textbook and/or lectures as sources, be sure to indicate where you found the information, either in parenthesis or in footnotes.
Grace and I will post the university’s policy on “academic honesty” later this week in Moodle. The key passage is “The minimum penalty [my bold] for a student guilty of either dishonest act [cheating or plagiarism] is a grade of “zero” for the assignment in question.” Also consult the section “Grading” in the syllabus.
Part 1: Political Philosophy. One medium-sized paragraph should suffice
Thomas Hobbes and John Locke were the 17th century’s preeminent political philosophers.
Briefly explain one important similarity and one important difference in their political philosophies.
Part 2Marriage and Family Life.  Provide a medium-sized paragraph for each part of the question (
Name and explain three important features of marriage and family life in pre-industrial Europe. What family pattern predominated in 1) Western and 2) Eastern Europe? Why? Explain three major differences between marriage and/or family life then and today.
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