World history homework help

World history homework help. Consider the people and/or events that we have discussed this semester — whether it is through the text/lessons, in-class activities, homework, or documentaries, and choose something that interested you the most.  Tell me several things that you learned, why you found your choice to be interesting, and whether or not you had heard of it prior to the semester.  Your response should be several paragraphs.  I am grading on effort — not spelling and grammar.  The important element of this assignment is for me to see what students enjoying learning about the most. *Note, this is not an opportunity to ‘bash’ the course.  This is worth up to 100 points.  (world history I) YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE FROM TEXTBOOK ALSO.
below are some topics discussed in the class, YOU CAN ALSO choose one of them and discuss.
Lost Kingdoms of Africa 3 of 4 Great Zimbabwe
Mansa Musa 
The Vikings: Voyage to America
BBC What Islamic World Did For Us – Documentry over ancient Islamic inventions

World history homework help


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