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–on ONE of the following topics: you can choose one of these to write your comparison about
1: Fathers fail.
2: Nature is a dangerous, hostile force (e.g., weather, plant forms, animals).
3: The main character sets his/her own laws for living.
4: ‘Head’ characters (who live by rules, thinking, logic, sometimes social laws) are in conflict with ‘Heart’ characters (who live by deep emotions).
Additional Instructions:
1: Write approximately 1000 words. Use full-sentence, full-paragraph form throughout. Double-space your essay as a Word Document.
2: Be sure to build your essay around a central thesis, or statement of the specific differences and similarities between the two stories that you will try to prove. State that thesis in your opening paragraph. Then, in developing each argument in the following paragraphs, support it with specific, quoted examples from the two stories, and—most important—your remarks on those examples.
3: In your essay, also make specific reference, with supporting quotes, to 2 or 3 scholarly articles (that is, the same kinds of peer-reviewed journal articles that you used for one author in the Library Research Assignment).
Do not use ANY “.com” internet sites whatsoever for your research in this essay. Your paper may be screened for such sites under Seneca College’s Rules of Academic Integrity.
Use APA Style for page references after each quote from a scholarly article—that is, for “in-text citations”. You can find instructions for this on the Library’s website, at the ‘Citing Sources / APA link), as well as for quotes from the stories themselves: e.g., (Hawthorne, 11). Be sure to connect what the scholarly article says, to what you are trying to say about similarities and differences between the stories. Follow exact APA Style for both the in-text citations and your “References” list at the end of your essay.
4: Avoid long quotes from the stories or the scholarly articles (i.e., anything over 25 words).
5: Do not write two separate essays within your paper—that is, 500 words about one story, then 500 about the other. An effective comparison proceeds ‘point-by-point’, that is, by moving back and forth regularly between the two stories being compared.
6: Give your essay an interesting title, with the first letters of main words capitalized.


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